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How to create a new Facebook Group?

Facebook users who want to create a new Facebook Group can follow the simple steps mentioned below suggested by the technical experts.

  1. Come up with something unique or an original idea to create a Group
  2. Log in to your Facebook Account or create one if you don’t have any yet.
  3. Type some keywords you want for your group idea in the “search” box
  4. Click on “Profile” at the top and then click “info”
  5. Now scroll to the bottom
  6. Click “create a group” at the top of the page
  7. Give your group a name you want
  8. Now you can invite your friends by selecting them from your present friend list or typing their name in the box provided.
  9. Describe your group in the provided “Description” area.
  10. Next, fill out the contact information
  11. Choose your privacy settings carefully
  12. Then Click “Save”
  13. Roll over to the top bar of the group
  14. Then choose a network
  15. Choose a category and sub-category.

How to get people to join your Facebook group?

  1. Include as much information as possible about your group
  2. Make your page a community in order to start discussions or upload anything
  3. Make your group audience to Public
  4. Use your existing Facebook friends first
  5. Then reach out to your contacts of email.

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Updated on October 5, 2017

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