1. Terms of use

Terms of use

The statement of Terms of use is discussed below for the Facebook Technical Support site users. We update our terms of use regularly so keep an occasional check over the latest updates. We believe in the complete security of information shared by every site visitor and customers. It is the decision of the user after reading the terms and conditions to proceed with any activity which requires their personal information. However, in certain cases, you may not be able to complete the specific procedure if you don’t provide such information.

We at Facebook Technical Support request our customers and site visitors to go through the terms and conditions before using our services as we have the rights to change it without any prior notice.

  1. Personal information: We may ask for your personal information such as Name, Contact Number, etc which allows us to contact you regarding the products & services or for identification purposes. It may include re-registration, surveys, special offers or renewal notifications etc.
  2. Computer system information: We can ask for system logins and passwords, permits to access the computer to identify the problems. Please read before providing an access for technical support.
  3. Payment Information: We never ask for the credit card details directly but may use third party for the necessary verification and billing purposes. All the debit or credit card details are used with secured servers and cannot be accessed by Facebook Technical support without the permission of respective users.
  4. Keeping records: Facebook Technical Support monitor the online and offline sessions between user and tech team members for reference to provide assistance in resolving issues in case any dispute occurs in near future. Any information will not be linked with the personal information of any user.
  5. Diagnostic tools: During the assistance process, Facebook Technical support may use online diagnosis apps or tools to collect any required information to know the status of the computer and installed software. The information collected by Facebook Technical Support will not contain any confidential information. The diagnosis application is also included in terms of use in License and agreement between the user and tech team
  6. Access: We need to have access to your system to provide you result-oriented services. Facebook Technical Support uses the secured and certified tools to have the access to the computer in order to diagnose the actual problem and fix it. Our tech support never uses any personal or confidential information in order to acquire or destroy it intentionally.

The Terms of use state how Facebook Technical Support uses the information provided by the user while accessing the website. Facebook Technical support also holds the right to change the terms of use at any time, so keep a periodical check over the Terms of use to make sure you agree with the updates.